About Me

I've always been someone who dives headfirst into everything they do. Whether it's Acting, Movies, or Coding. I started out at Brigham Young University majoring in Musical Theater. While that is still a passion for me, I realized I needed something a little more stable and reliable for a career. I fell in love with Web Development shortly after.

It brings me so much joy to build something that I used to take for granted every day. Solving the logic puzzles to get a website functioning is incredibly fulfilling! I love working hard on a feature, grinding through the bugs until finally I see it functioning the way I enivisioned. I hope I can help others experience this, and help a company reach its desired vision!


Devmountain - Lehi, Utah

  • Immersive Full stack Web Development course in a remote format
  • Brigham Young University - Provo, Utah

  • Music Dance Theater course work completed
  • Utah Valley University - Orem, Utah

  • General course work completed
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    As an actor, I always wanted a hub of sorts to be able to connect with theaters, auditions, and to save song ideas for auditions.

    TheaterLink is an app that connects local actors to local theaters, previews upcoming auditions, along with a built-in resource browser for finding audition songs.

    So I made it myself!

    Built with React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Sass, PostgreSQL, Express, Massive, Redux, and Nodemailer.

    Live Site


    A mobile-designed, multi-sided app for donating items that users no longer need.

    Dono. was designed with mobile in mind. Dono is a seamless way for users to get rid of items cluttering the house, and for other users to possibly make a few bucks helping donate them, or even use them for their needs.

    Built with React, JavaScript, Redux, PostgreSQL, Sass, CSS, Express, Massive, Nodemailer, Socket.io, and Amazon S3.

    Live Site


    This was my first foray into freelancing and it was a great experience!

    Here I built a simple but refined website to display important information for this consulting company. It was important that it was viewable on many different screen sizes so I made good use of flexbox and media queries to make sure anyone could view it!

    Built with React, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

    Live Site